Solvents and Thinners

A range of solvents for use in the application, cleaning and preparation of our various wood finishes. All are available in 1 litre bottles. All of our thinners are ‘virgin’, i.e. they are newly produced and never before used, as opposed to typical lower quality recycled thinners widely available elsewhere. Virgin thinners offer higher performance, improved ease of use and better end results.

Anti-Bloom Cellulose Thinners

A blend of our Standard Cellulose Thinners and Cellulose Retarder for thinning Clear Nitrocellulose Guitar Lacquer. The added retarder aids flow and levelling, and the slower drying time can help minimise the chance of bloom occurring by giving moisture more time to escape before the lacquer dries.

Standard Cellulose Thinners

For thinning Cellulose Sanding Sealer Primer, Solid and Metallic Cellulose Guitar Paint, Tinted Nitrocellulose Guitar Lacquer, Pigmented Nitrocellulose Guitar Lacquer and Nitrocellulose Guitar Neck Lacquer.

Cellulose Retarder

Slows the drying of Nitrocellulose Lacquers and Cellulose Paints to aid flow and, for clear lacquers, to minimise the risk of blooming. The slower drying time allows more moisture to escape before the lacquer dries. Typically Anti-Bloom Cellulose Thinners are sufficient (being a blend of Retarder and Standard Cellulose Thinners), but retarder can be used either in conjunction with or instead of when spraying in non-ideal conditions.

When used with Clear Nitrocellulose Lacquer it allows the lacquer to be brushed or dipped to coat small areas.

Interior Spirit Wood Dye Thinners

For cleaning Interior Spirit Wood Dye from equipment, particularly if it has been sprayed. It can also be used for further thinning dye before application, which will retain the colour but lessen its intensity allowing for more of a wash coat.

Shellac and Aniline Thinners (Synthetic Methanol)

Synthetic methanol to thin Shellac Sealer, and to dissolve Shellac Flakes, Alcohol Soluble Aniline Dye Powder and Metal Complex Dye Powder (except Blue). This is the most effective solvent for dissolving Aniline Dye Powders.


A multi-purpose solvent with varied uses such as:

  • Adding to dissolved Alcohol Soluble Aniline Dye or Metal Complex Dye prior to mixing with Nitrocellulose Lacquer to aid solution.

  • Polishing Cellulose Acetate components.

  • Adhering Cellulose Nitrate, Cellulose Acetate, CAB and ABS plastics to wood.

Interior Wood Finish Thinners

For thinning and cleaning of our Interior Wood Finish clear top coats and sealer. This thinners is free of hydrocarbons such as Toluene and Xylene making it safer for general use than our Nitrocellulose range.

Surface Degreaser

Also known as panel wipe, this solvent cleans dirt, oils and residues from surfaces prior to finishing to eliminate contaminants. It leaves no residue. We highly recommend using this instead of commonly cited alternatives such as lighter fluid or WD-40, both of which leave an oily residue which can affect finishes.