Water Based Grain Filler

Grain filler for filling the pores of open-pored woods such as mahogany, ash and oak. Water based filler is easier to apply than our Thixotropic but usually requires 2-3 applications. It is universal in its compatibility, accepting all of our water- and solvent-borne finishes on top (including Interior Wood Finish and Nitrocellulose lacquers).


220g tub


Approximately 1.25sq m per 220g tin, depending on the timber to which it is applied.


Can be let down with water to the desired consistency. During storage it will gradually dry out but can always be restored to a usable state with warm water. The thinner it is the lower the build, and therefore the more applications are required.


Use on bare wood before staining or sealing. We recommend using our rubber edged Grain Filler Applicator for quicker, easier and more consistent application if it is a paste, or it can be rubbed in with a cloth if it is thinned to a thinner consistency.

  • Sand wood to 320 grit

  • The filler is quick-drying so work in small areas approximately 10x10cm (4x4”)

  • Using firm pressure apply the filler in the direction of the grain, pushing the filler into the wood’s pores

  • Immediately scrape or wipe off all excess filler, working across the grain

  • Repeat across the whole surface of the wood

  • Leave to dry overnight, then sand to 320 grit

  • Particularly porous pieces of wood may require a second application


Suitable for use under all of our dyes, lacquers and paints.