Thixotropic Grain Filler

Grain filler for filling the pores of open-pored woods such as mahogany, ash and oak. Thixotropic refers to its variable viscosity - when mixed and stirred it transforms into an easily spreadable paste. Use on bare wood prior to dying and sealing.

Sizes available

450g tin


Approximately 2.5sq m per 450g tin, depending on the timber to which it is applied.


Once mixed this filler can be thinned with Standard Cellulose Thinners or White Spirit up to a maximum of 10%.

Usage Overview

Use on bare wood before staining or sealing. We recommend using our rubber edged Grain Filler Applicator for quicker, easier and more consistent application.

  • Sand wood to 320 grit

  • The filler is quick-drying so work in small areas approximately 10x10cm (4x4”)

  • Using firm pressure apply the filler in the direction of the grain, pushing the filler into the wood’s pores

  • Immediately scrape off all excess filler, working across the grain

  • Repeat across the whole surface of the wood

  • Leave to dry overnight, then sand to 320 grit

  • Particularly porous pieces of wood may require a second application


Suitable for use under all of our Cellulose/Nitrocellulose finishes. Once dry it can also be stained with our Interior Spirit Based or Interior Water Based Dyes, Aniline Dyes, and Metal Complex Dyes.